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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Amazing experience tonight//this morning.
By the way ... Merry Christmas
justI wanted to let you know about my Denver Metro Santa Clause "sleigh ride"
I started out with 16 "presents"...(all of them containing a card with a "personal note that Jesus loves you and cares for you)
Each stop was amazing. I went to Morrison to 104th/Wadsworth to Federal, south to colfax, to downtown, then colfax/Colorado, then to Potomac/Arapaho (Arapaho county jail - VERY hard for me to do!).
Best moments:  at federal and 45th I stopped at a convenience store where a (homeless) woman was sitting on the curb, staring at the ground, wrapped in a blanket .... 29 degrees out! I took a gift inside, gave it to the clerk, went back to my pickup, grabbed another gift with a $25 gift certificate, gave it to her and said "Merry Christmas".  You should have seen the look on her face. Best described as "I have nothing, I am freezing, it's Christmas Eve...thank you".  I left the gas station with tears in my eyes.

2nd Best Moment...downtown at Colfax and Broadway...I stopped my pickup next to a homeless VA man in a wheelchair, wrapped in blankets, dirty ... can't hardly move... I got out of my truck - traffic honking at me - and gave him a food basket and gift certificate of $25... he looked at me and said merry Christmas...I drove away and just cried...but it was a happy cry.
Made a bunch more stops and then off to the Arapaho County Jail.  Very hard for me. I parked in the front entry, walked up to the main entry point, entered and rang the "buzzer", spoke into the intercom and said, " I have a present for the officers here". She said,"why?"...I said "I appreciate all that the police officers do for the community.  She said " I will be right there"...ha ha.  I left not crying but very happy, relieved, tired...but very fortunate for all that I have.
Started at 8:30 and just got home 12:45, drove 100 miles, and absolutely loved every second of and...
I will do it next year!

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things...and no good thing ever dies."

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