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Thursday, May 2, 2013

We need austerity

Austerity is the equivalent of cutting cancerous cells from the body so that they don't consume precious resources, and eventually you
Austerity is the equivalent of taking the credit cards of your daughters away and explaining them that you won't finance a new bag, dress and pair of shoes every day forever. And that they might have to contemplate work or finding a husband or both
Austerity is about giving breathing space to those parts of the economy that really produce,even if consumption in total goes down
Austerity is about conservation of resources on what is essential, because times are though
Good Austerity would be paired with some help to the truly poor, and cuts in the help to those who won't suffer by that
If I really had any trust in governments spending wisely, then I'd be all in favour of gov spending during recessions/depressions

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