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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Euro problems

In 43 years, 147 banking crises around the world, and even including ridiculous banana republics and tinpot dictatorships, it seems it is only in Cyprus that they actively stole depositor money.*

In some cases (as in Iceland) depositors did lose money on bigger, uninsured deposits because banks went bust and were liquidated ... but that seems quite different from actively stealing the depositor money to re-support the bad banks or to pay off some big creditors - like the European Central Bank - which yet continue to grab Cypriot funds.

Why did the EU-ECB-IMF steal the depositor money, when even internal troika memos said this could set off disastrous euro contagion?

Several theories are out there:

(1) It is a scheme to frighten depositors around the world into spending or investing their uninsured deposits. This is supported by the sudden near-simultaneous 'leaks' of possible deposit confiscations in New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, the US and UK.

(2) It is a desperate last-ditch scheme to prop up the petro-dollar, i.e., the US dollar as reserve currency, which is at death's door as the BRICS and half the world join bi-lateral trade agreements by-passing the dollar. As IMF chief Lagarde (worked for big American law firm) and Angela Merkel (husband works for US Pentagon companies) are both American agents, they pushed this scheme onto the EU, not caring about damage to Europe. France was so angry at this they sent police to raid Lagarde's apartment.

(3) The EU 'project' of a grand united Europe is collapsing, so the final EU 'Hail Mary' play is to catastrophically destroy the EU banking system by creating pan-European bank runs, such a huge 'crisis' they hope this will finally lead to the 'United States of Europe' against all popular wishes.

(4) The Germans, Dutch and other North Europeans are so anally-obsessive about limiting their own taxpayer losses they idiotically blind themselves to the destruction of Europe they are causing.

(5) It is a test of how much theft people will submit to, like the theft of billions of customer funds in the US in the MF Global, Peregrine Financial and Sentinel cases ... with all legal avenues blocked, and America's owners of 300 million guns remaining passive.

(6) It is part of the general ramping toward global cataclysm, World War III, etc.

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