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Monday, March 12, 2012

Currency Collapes in Europe WTSHTF

In a currency collapse, the last thing to go is confidence. Unless the large bankers go thru the motions of having standards, following procedures, and enforcing rules, global confidence in their fiat would evaporate. Then it would be game over for them. All they have is each other and they're trying to show a united, confident front to postpone the moment that it all falls away. They know that when it finally topples, it will be fast and it will be bad.

But for now, they have the news outlets and large pension & mutual fund managers still listening. There is still a common language with common assumptions, although they are eroding fast. The big banks won't lend to each other but they still have confidence in their respective central banks.
Hence, the charade continues. For those of us who have been awake for years, it's a slow, slow process.
I'm torn between gratitude for all this time I have to shore up supplies and prepare to endure a long, cold, hard Depression - and watching these parasites play their game week by week, month by month, year by year, until I want it all to fall apart now before it drives me mad waiting.

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