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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What to eat for WTSHTF

Snares and traps can be helpful... Learn to snare "small deer". What the heck are small deer? Raccoons, ground hogs, beaver, etc.. Even in most suburban areas there are plenty of animals running around like raccoons, ground hogs (woodchucks) squirrels, rabbits, marsh rabbits, etc. Raccoons are easy to snare once you learn how. Now raccoon are a very important survival food because 2 lbs of roasted coon meat equals 2500 calories. 1 raccoon can provide a person 4 days worth of food. How you cook raccoons is very important they are very greasy but if you grill or roast them over a fire so the fat can drip off they are truly excellent. Another way is to par boil allowed to cool and strip the meat off and then make a stew.

Beaver another excellent food source. In fact they are one of my favorite wild game I like it better then venison. They taste real close to beef.

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