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Friday, April 29, 2011

Birth Certificate is a FAKE

This Certificate is a fake.
Starting with the fact that his birth name was actually Barry Sotero changed later to Barack Obama…

What about this glaring error? :  The fact that the name of the hospital listed within the birth certificate where he was allegedly born did NOT exist under that name until 1978 and even then they have it wrong!!  (Actually, the names of the two independent hospitals that ultimately merged in 1978 were:
Kapi‘olani Maternity Home (est. 1890)
Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital (Est. 1909)
Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children(est. 1978)
No where is the name Kapi’loani Gynological & Medical Hospital ever referenced regarding the historical naming of these two hospitals that merged.
He was either born in the K-Maternity Home or the K Children’s Hospital.

Read more about the two hospitals merging at their own website…Such an oversite as obvious as typing in the incorrectly merged name of the hospital 17 years before that merger took place and all done in PLAIN SIGHT!


Also... In 1960, the race of a person of color was not listed as “African” it was listed as “Negro”. African is not a race, just as Chinese, Italian, Russian, Brazilian, etc… are not a race. Why is his father’s race listed as  African?

Also... check this out:


According to the CIA, Kenya wasn’t even a country until 1963 — two years after Obama was born there.  Before that, it was know as “British East Africa.”

In addition,  the birth certificate # and “date filed” are still not compatible with other birth certificates found during this tight time frame.
Some background:
Obama’s online short form BC# was compared to the Nordyke twins, (HI gals born at same time period), we have their long forms.
10641 is the serial number on Barak Obama’s certificate.
10637 is the serial number of a woman, Susan Nordyke, born one day LATER than Obama, but at the SAME hospital, her twin sister’s is 10638
Zero’s BC numbered on Aug 8, should have a lower number than one numbered on Aug 11.
This is the same problem on Zero’s short form image he put up early 2008.
There is still no note of the 2006 amendment that the HDOH indirectly confirmed was made to the birth record either.

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