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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And the birds and fish just keep on dieing...

The mass bird and fish deaths continue and all over the country. Now there are thousands of dead gizzard shad in a Chicago lakefront; however, it is speculated that this mass die off of fish was due to cold weather. However, according to an expert, "that while it's unusual to see so many of the fish along the lakefront, it's hard to say if the size of the die-off is unusual, or just more visible because of a thaw December 31 that brought them to the surface."

In the mean time, in California, over 100 birds just dropped dead just off of Highway 101. The law enforcement that found the birds in California said that the birds did not show any outer signs of injury.
This list of more dead wildlife just adds to the long list of already dead wildlife, and it does not matter how much scientists and researchers say this occurs naturally in nature, I don't think it has happened to this measure. It makes a person wonder if this is not some how tied to the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010. There have not been in fireworks since January 1st and there have been colder winters than this.

More to the point, why are there under 20 stories on this event, over the entire internet?  I mean, give me a break - this is one of the most phenomenal events in recent history, and not ONE newspaper is reporting regularly and in a timely manner.  Fireworks?  Weird air gusts?
Is this the best you can do?  All of the science, all of the big shot, top-notch brainiacs in the world and they are giving us a huge double ought question mark for an answer!
What about the 150 tons of fish that washed ashore in Brazil and Japan?  Couple of bottle rockets scared the gills/fins off a bunch of snappers and they wash ashore, by the ton?  I kind-of-sort-of doubt it!!!

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