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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More news from the Gulf Oil Spew

(this info latest from internet)

BOP Gone since day 1
Casing Gone since Day one
Everything BP is showing now is staged
DOOM is knocking on the door!

Huge plume to hit Grand Isle Today or tomorrow

Total Furnace of fire coming out of the floor"!

Worse than Mustard Gas
Worse case scenario comes Thursday


Hurricane Alex projected landfall is Thursday. The Gas that it will pull up will be deadly. He says Alex will go much further north than forecast says.

He said it will be much worse than anything Saddam Houssein sprayed in Iraq

On a good note he said he does not think there will be tsunami and the east coast of Florida will be fine

matt says basically everyone should leave or have a gas mask
and that the rovs are perpetrating "the biggest scam in history"
as the main leak is down the block... oh yeah we also have to
nuke this thing....

Simmons does think the east coast of Florida will be fine. Everybody on the Gulf Coasts, leave asap

From another poster's summary:

The government now knows now that BP is lying, and they don't know what to do about it.

Matt Simmons thinks that manslaughter charges will come out of this.

There is no more casing left in the bore. It's just a hole now.

Most industry people think that it's spewing at minimum, a 100-120,000 barrels a day.

There is a monstrous oil/gas lake contained at the hole location because of extremely cold temps.

Simmons says the methane bubble is about 120 miles wide and extends from 4500 feet in depth to about 400 feet.

He says that if they don't fuse the strata with a nuclear device, they'll never stop this.

BP believed that this was a 25 billion barrel oil field.
They were going for broke.

50 % of the GOM is dead.

We're seeing less than 1% of the oil.

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